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1) The Talonotel chequebook will have the following validity period: 1 January 2006 to 31 March 2007.  

2) The number of Talonotel cheques which the User shall hand over for the daily use of a double room, for one or two people, will be

3) The number of supplementary beds made available to the programme will be:

4) The TALONOTEL chequebook consists of 5 cheques and the monetary value of each Talonotel cheque will be 60 Euros, since the sale price of the Talonotel chequebook to Users will be 300 Euros, including VAT.

5) the provision of its services to the Users, TALONOTEL will pay the HOTEL the amount of for each Talonotel cheque, plus the amount for Value Added Tax.

6) The Talonotel chequebooks which, according to the provisions of the Second Stipulation, section 7), must be paid by the HOTEL to TALONOTEL, will benefit from a discount on the sale price for Users, this price being set at the amount of 264 Euros, including VAT.  

7) THE INDIVIDUAL VALUE OF EACH CHEQUE shall entitle the User to a double room for one or two people. If required by the user, an extra bed or cot will be provided for a maximum of two children under the age of 12 subject to availability in the hotel .

 8) The duration period of this contract shall be from the date of its signature until the end of the Talonotel 2006-2007 Campaign, and shall be renewed in accordance with the stipulations of clause 4th of this contract.

9) All personal data that THE HOTEL may have submitted to TALONOTEL shall be incorporated to a database pertaining to TALONOTEL. This information may be used only for the purposes of maintenance and management of the data by virtue of this contract, and also for promotional and information purposes that could be of the interest of THE HOTEL.

10) We remind you that once they have been completed, both copies of the contract must be duly signed, sealed and sent to our offices. A copy signed by Talonotel will then be sent to you by post.

TALONOTEL undertakes to apply all the security measures to protect all the date submitted by THE HOTEL, according to Spanish Law 15/1999 of data protection, THE HOTEL may request the cancellation and modification of the data, by notification in writing to TALONOTEL, Paseo Club Deportivo, 1, Edificio 13, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.

In the event THE HOTEL does not want to receive any information regarding the aforementioned activities, please tick here.

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